This is a repository holding R packages of the tesselle project. Most of the packages are distributed on CRAN, but some data packages are too large and can only be installed from this repository.

If available, CRAN releases must be regarded as the preferred source.

Download tesselle packages

If you want to install a package, simply use install.packages() with the additional repository:

repos <- c("", getOption("repos"))
install.packages("tabula", repos = repos, type = "source")

Use the repository

You can use this repository in your R package (always prefer the CRAN release if available). To do so, prepare the DESCRIPTION file of your R package:

  • List the package under Suggests:
  • Add the line Additional_repositories:
  • Test your package with R CMD check --as-cran


Package Version Depends License
arkhe 0.3.1 R (>= 3.3) GPL (>= 3)
dimensio 0.2.1 R (>= 3.3) GPL (>= 3)
folio 1.0.0 R (>= 2.10) GPL (>= 3)
khroma 1.6.0 R (>= 3.3) GPL (>= 3)
tabula 1.6.1 R (>= 3.3) GPL-3