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Paul Tol's discrete rainbow Sequential Colour Scheme


scale_colour_discreterainbow(..., reverse = FALSE, aesthetics = "colour")

scale_color_discreterainbow(..., reverse = FALSE, aesthetics = "colour")

scale_fill_discreterainbow(..., reverse = FALSE, aesthetics = "fill")

  reverse = FALSE,
  aesthetics = "edge_colour"

  reverse = FALSE,
  aesthetics = "edge_colour"

scale_edge_fill_discreterainbow(..., reverse = FALSE, aesthetics = "edge_fill")



Arguments passed to ggplot2::continuous_scale().


A logical scalar. Should the resulting vector of colors be reversed?


A character string or vector of character strings listing the name(s) of the aesthetic(s) that this scale works with.


A continuous scale.


If more colors than defined are needed from a given scheme, the colour coordinates are linearly interpolated to provide a continuous version of the scheme, with the exception of the discrete rainbow scheme (see below).

Note that the default colour for NA can be overridden by passing a value to ggplot2::continuous_scale().

Rainbow colour scheme

As a general rule, ordered data should not be represented using a rainbow scheme. There are three main arguments against such use (Tol 2018):

  • The spectral order of visible light carries no inherent magnitude message.

  • Some bands of almost constant hue with sharp transitions between them, can be perceived as jumps in the data.

  • Colour-blind people have difficulty distinguishing some colours of the rainbow.

If such use cannot be avoided, Paul Tol's technical note provides two colour schemes that are reasonably clear in colour-blind vision. To remain colour-blind safe, these two schemes must comply with the following conditions:


This scheme must not be interpolated.


This scheme does not have to be used over the full range.


Tol, P. (2018). Colour Schemes. SRON. Technical Note No. SRON/EPS/TN/09-002, issue 3.1. URL:


N. Frerebeau


data(faithfuld, package = "ggplot2")

ggplot2::ggplot(faithfuld, ggplot2::aes(waiting, eruptions, fill = density)) +
  ggplot2::geom_raster() +

ggplot2::ggplot(faithfuld, ggplot2::aes(waiting, eruptions, fill = density)) +
  ggplot2::geom_raster() +
  scale_fill_iridescent(reverse = TRUE)

ggplot2::ggplot(faithfuld, ggplot2::aes(waiting, eruptions, fill = density)) +
  ggplot2::geom_raster() +
  scale_fill_smoothrainbow(range = c(0.25, 1))