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Draws the polygons whose vertices are given in x, y and z.


ternary_polygon(x, y, z, ...)

# S4 method for numeric,numeric,numeric
ternary_polygon(x, y, z, ...)

# S4 method for ANY,missing,missing
ternary_polygon(x, y, z, ...)


x, y, z

A numeric vector giving the x, y and z ternary coordinates of a set of points. If y and z are missing, an attempt is made to interpret x in a suitable way (see grDevices::xyz.coords()).


Further arguments to be passed to graphics::polygon().


ternary_polygon() is called it for its side-effects.


N. Frerebeau


## Compositional data
coda <- data.frame(
  X = c(20, 60, 20),
  Y = c(20, 20, 60),
  Z = c(60, 20, 20)

## Add a polygon
ternary_plot(NULL, panel.first = ternary_grid())
ternary_polygon(coda, density = 5, border = "red")